Future as teacher

I would say, that this university pedagogics course has been the latest big milestone on my path. I am one of those students who learns best on their own, likes tinkering and working with their hand, and shies away from too much attention. The course days we have had over the last year have made me get out of my comfort zone, and helped me analyze my past and present as a teacher and student, and envision the future.

One of my great goals during these university pedagogical studies was to find my identity as a teacher, in addition to identifying as a student, and a researcher. I wanted to find suitable theories, tools and working methods also to face-to-face teaching, in addition to the arsenal of digital tools I already use. I also wanted to gain more confidence, thinking that the inevitable future would have to be me standing in front of 150 students in a mass lecture, trying to inspire them with my tiny voice breaking (Think Sweetchuck).

I think that so far I have found a smitch of confidence (Think Zed ), and definitely started to form my own identity as a teacher. I think the ultimate endgame for me as a teacher would be to continue studying pedagogical theories and methods help end the tyranny of the mass lecture in the IT field. I want to find my force, and help develop flipped classroom courses that strengthen the connection between academy and working life. In those courses online tools are utilized effectively, and self study materials are available in easy to update digital form. I am hoping this way teacher resources would be freed in order to engage with the students in a more meaningful way during small group teaching, where differences in learning styles could be better taken into account.