Teaching style, persona

I am currently involved in assisting in several bachelor and master level courses. When assisting, I like to make very detailed instructions and timetables beforehand to present to students at the beginning of each course. I also prepare a nice and clean LMS site with a logical structure and set out email remainders. I do this, because I hope that it helps both students and teachers schedule and keep track of all that they have to do. It also removes a lot of the confusion from the course ultimately also take the weight off the shoulders of the teaching staff during the course.

I also practice what I preach: I grade assignments on time, and schedule the time to give feedback too. I love sitting in my office and grading papers. As I am involved in many first year courses where students are just learning the basics of scientific writing, I try to give as much feedback as possible – And not just pointing out the bits that need improvement, but giving out concrete suggestions on how this could be done. How can one develop and correct a reoccurring bad grade on an essay, if you do not know what went wrong? In addition I believe in the power of the positive: I think it is important to point out where the students are doing good to keep their motivation up.

While I am into timetables and details, I also try and keep a friendly and flexible attitude. I answer all questions, provide different ways to complete the courses, and I extend deadlines when needed – Each student is different, we are all humans, and the ultimate goal is that the students learn and have fun while doing it.

Because my research focuses on researching ‘All things Internet’, I also love trying to keep up with developments in digital teaching, trying them out here and there: WhatsApp or Snapchat for communications, Facebook groups for classes, multiple choice quizzes, padlets, anonymous feedback, virtual tutoring, interactive videos – you name it, I have probably tried it